Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Nothing New-ish

Not like I fooled myself into thinking I'd be posting here regularly -- on the ladder of family/work/intermittent stabs at personal time, blogging is a pretty f*ckin' low rung -- but, geez, this is getting silly. But the whole point was to have a place to post reviews of new music I pick up and, quite frankly, I haven't bought anything new in awhile. Which is not, alas, to say that I haven't bought anything. I'm just buying a lot of oldies. (Specifically? Various psychedelic compilations and random sunshine pop -- dunno why, just the mood. Maybe I'll write about some of the good catches.) And, slave to the industry that I am, I keep wasting $$ picking up reissues of things I already own in every conceivable format this side of 8-track tapes. (Moody Blues on SACD, when I don't even have an SACD player? Sure, why not.)

Matthew Sweet Flaming Lips
Fortunately, there are a couple things I've got on order. The new Flaming Lips, of course. And the new Matthew Sweet/Susannah Hoffs album of 60s covers. (Which, I suppose, hardly counts as "new," but maybe "new-ish.") So I've got that to look forward to, at least.

But, yeah, once again I desperately need some hot tips on new things I should be checking out. (Last time I solicited advice, someone steered me to the Heavy Blinkers, a nifty Beach Boys pastiche that I enjoyed quite a bit, thanks.) My main mode of finding new artists over the past couple years has been to browse Not Lame or Parasol Records, two of the leading online purveyors of indie pop, and sift through their audio samples. Or maybe go to Amazon.com, pull up a cd I'm into at the moment, and follow the "customers who bought this album also bought..." links until I find something new. But who has the time? So, please, help me out, folks.


At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad you liked the Blinkers-- can't wait for their new double-album, hopefully coming in the fall.


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