Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rock 'n' Roll Kids

The little dude has been taking drum lessons for nearly a year, and definitely rocks... Rapidly creeping up on Moon & Bonham... Been a little tougher getting the little dudette into it, but she's in Rock & Roll Camp this week with big brother and, having convinced her that all the coolest women play bass (i.e. Kim Deal [Pixies], Kim Gordon [Sonic Youth], Tina Weymouth [Talking Heads], Laura Ballance [Superchunk], Britta Phillips [Luna]) ,she's giving it a try. So now we've got a serious rhythm section in the Pop Kulcher household. Unfortunately, they've deemed Dad way too uncool to jam with, so I have to bribe them with extra Gamecube time in exchange for a quick run through, say, "Back in Black" or "Walk This Way."


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