Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack & Roll

Not a political blog, not a political blog (he keeps reminding himself)...

But, hey, here's the celebratory mix I assembled late Tuesday night while taking a break from watching the results roll in.

Just a little feel-good-ish music for the Wednesday commute. Mostly the kinda joyous, tuneful stuff that I can yell along with in the car. Because what I really want to do is take a (temporary) break from listening to the news and the pundits on the car radio and just feel all kinds of awesome. Barack freaking Obama.

Incidentally, the Shazam's fantastic "Super Tuesday" included here as the best (if not only) song about losing election, with a shout-out to America's new BFF Sarah Palin, you betcha! Say hi to Uncle Ted, apparently still holding Alaska's Senate eat, felony conviction notwithstanding.

The one last-minute addition to the mix, a bit out of sync but still necessary, is Rogue Wave's "Eyes" -- a song (and band) that had evaded my radar screen until recently, when my son & I started watching Heroes reruns on DVD and the track was featured prominently in the pilot episode. Sure, it borrows the initial guitar lick from Zeppelin's "Going To California," and is your basic Starbucks-friendly dad-rock acoustic folk-pop (see also, e.g., Matt Pond PA, Josh Ritter), but damn if that ain't the purtiest little song I've heard in a long, long time.

The big downer of the evening, alas, was the victory of ignorance and bigotry over equality and justice in California's marriage battle (as in two other states as well). I really appreciate that the religious wingnuts are fighting to save marriage and family -- yet, for some inexplicable reason (and despite having multiple gay neighbors, friends, and coworkers, and despite attending a beautiful wedding last week between two dear friends who just happen to both be women), my marriage seems to be holding up just fine. And, no, my kids have still not turned gay. Maybe we're doing something wrong?

Anyway, another battle, another day. Meanwhile, here's the happy:

And here's that Rogue Wave song... my apologies, but you WILL be humming this sucker all day.


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