Monday, December 29, 2008

Guilty Pleasures On The Radio -- Christmas 2008 Edition

I don't listen to the radio much, because of that little part about it sucking so bad and all. Bought a new car stereo last year solely so I could have an in-jack where I could plug in my iPod and listen to 14,000 songs of my choosing plus Rachel Maddow show podcasts. As opposed to, like I said, music that sucks, and right wing nut job talk radio. But, still, on occasion I do like to stab blindly at the buttons and see what's what. So for the past week or too there's been this insistent little tune that I keep hearing, kind of annoying, waaaaay to repetitive (why oh why do some artists who come up with a catchy chorus feel the need to play it 30 times over before the fade?), but, still, undeniably the sort of thing that plays over and over in your head for hours afterwards. The bassline rips off Joy Division in parts, the vocal stylings at times remind me of Of Montreal, maybe some early Weezer in the mix... no clue. Finally googled the lyrics last night, and turns out it's some act called MGMT, produced by the Flaming Lips' producer, which makes sense. Song's called "Kids," and, foolishly, isn't even the single.

So there you go. Can't imagine ever buying the album, and I'm going to be sick to death of this by New Years, but for the next couple days it'll do. Cool little amateur video on YouTube (not official, but might as well be).


At 5:59 PM, Blogger sammyg123 said...

There's three or four good songs on the album. You must check out 'Time to Pretend' though, as that is a belter.


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