Monday, November 28, 2005

The Great Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Swindle

Yes, a mere 5 years or so after eligibility, the Sex Pistols are finally being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, where they will join such other rock luminaries as Bob Seger, Billy Joel, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, and the Bee Gees. (And hey, when it comes to Rock & Roll, who doesn't think of Billy Joel?) No word yet on whether we'll get an all-star pick-up jam with the bloated corpse of Sid Vicious (deceased) or the bloated corpse of Johnny Lydon (not deceased, last time I checked).

Ok, just being cynical. The Hall, like most attempts to turn rock into corporate promotion, is a bit of a joke, but if any band that flamed out after one album deserved to be inducted, it would be the Pistols. And with Black Sabbath also getting the nod this year, it might be amusing to see Lydon onstage with Ozzy. In a very sick, sad way.


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