Monday, March 05, 2007

How To Be A Music Collecting Tool

During my lengthy blogging hiatus, I splurged for some nifty software from that helps me both catalog my music and post my collection online (complete with album covers, tracklists, etc.). [A screenshot of the program in action is on the left.]

I imagine it's a good indicator that I've pushed this thing way too far when I need database software to even remember what I already own. But these days, much of my cd collection is packed up in boxes. At home, I've ripped most of my cd's onto a hard-drive based jukebox plugged into my stereo and do my listening that way; in transit, I've got most of what I'd want to hear at any given moment on my iPod. So once I've ripped my cd's, the main use I have for them is in my car (although even there I can plug in the 'pod). And rather than keep all the discs handy for vehicular use, I tend to throw together cdr mixes for the road. (I've got limited shelf space, so that tends to be reserved for my favorites (no way London Calling gets put in a box somewhere), new purchases, or stuff currently in heavy rotation in the car.

That's where the collection software comes in handy. If I'm in the mood to compile a mix, I can go through my database and decide what songs to use (though at that point I'll have to claw through the boxes stashed in my closet to grab the discs I need).

Anyway, it's kinda cool, and results in a decent-looking collection directory I can post online. Also, I've used the program to catalog my home-made mixes and post them online as well. Check 'em out!

Yes, I'm a big, fat dork.


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