Thursday, October 02, 2008

Testing Embedded Radio

Ok, still trying to find a better way to embed playlists on the Blog. The Project Playlist approach (see top right margin) is ok, though they have a pretty limited selection of music (dependent on what .mp3's are uploaded online and found through their search engine). Plus, some bugs in the coding prevent it from showing up as an embedded playlist, so it has to open up a new window. Rather have something with a better selection and less quirky features. Read about the MySpace approach today, which apparently has one of the better song selections (albeit one that, naturally, slights the indie labels); but apparently the playlist can only be embedded in a MySpace page, not in another blog. And I'd sooner rip out my own eyeballs than deal with the visual atrocity that is MySpace.

So I'm givin a shot to The selection is still fairly lame -- fine if you're selecting officially-licensed major label artists, not so much for indie artists. (Apparently you can upload your own tracks, as with MySpace, but I don't have time for that... if I wanted to upload my own songs, I wouldn't bother with the playlist in the first place!)

So I'll try this out, and if I like it maybe I'll post it as a permanent feature in the margin in place of the Project Playlist thingie. Or not. Anyway, picked a few tunes that were name-checked below for inclusion.

Pop Kulcher Radio


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