Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sony... The Coal In Your Christmas Stocking

A bit more bad press for Sony, this time in Rolling Stone... nice to see Trey Anastasio's manager (among other artist reps) complaining about how pissed off the artists are about having the copy protection crap shoved onto their cd's. (I'd fired off an angry e-mail to Trey's management noting that I had been planning to buy his cd -- indeed, it was sitting in my Amazon.com shopping cart when the whole Sony story first broke -- but declined thanks to the copy-protection software.)

Astoundingly, even as Sony is forced to recall millions of cd's (none of which are available for purchase during the Christmas shopping rush, surely a real delight for those bands) and faces multiple lawsuits, Sony continues to defend its actions, and refuses to take similar actions for millions of other discs which include a different spyware program (but one which has not yet been exploited by hackers).

Just something to keep in mind when deciding which companies to give your money to this holiday season.


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