Saturday, October 04, 2008

Web Site Updates

I'm in the process of updating the Pop Kulcher website (as I try to do every couple years, though it seems like it happens less and less frequently). New layout to the front page (not pretty, but simpler, primarily because the old entry page had a prominent link to my cdr trading pages, and I'm not really doing much of that these days). Added a couple more albums to my Greatest Albums of All Time List, bringing it to a nice round 75 (Amy Rigby's Diary of a Mod Housewife and Television's Marquee Moon, favorites that I've never gotten around to writing up until this weekend). Also reordered the Top 75 to make it more accurately reflect my current listening habits -- once again, the classic rock faves from my childhood continue to climb, while stuff I discovered later in life continues to slip. Guess it's part of the aging process or something.

Will probably continue to revise over the next week or two to bring everything up to date and clear out some old (and heinously dated) layouts & color schemes. Plus need to update some dead links and add more audio samples where possible.


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